Hiatus: 7/24/2007

After some consideration, I have decided to take down most of my site for the moment. My life doesn't currently allow me free time enough to keep it updated - hence the two year gap in updates. Everything's so out of date at this point.

My web gallery will remain up over at Lens and it will be updated as time permits, and while the hockey pictures are no longer updated, they will remain up for the time being. If you want any of those, I'd strongly suggest you save them down to your hard drive, as at some point they will likely be deleted.

As for me personally, I'm doing well. Dustin and I are engaged and will be married back home in Maryland on June 21st, 2008. We stay very busy during the off-season, and during the hockey season - well, that goes without saying. Being the broadcaster's fiancé means I'm more often found in the press box than the stands, and I do much less cheering than I used to, but I enjoy helping out. I still take pictures, and every now and then one will show up on the Gladiators' website. I don't post my pictures now because I've had too many problems with the photobucket kiddies.

Catch me on MySpace or even Facebook if you want to keep in touch. Or just send me some e-mail, but you know how great I am at keeping up with that.

All my best!



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